These terra cotta vases were painstakingly laid with terra cotta beads....on three sides...with no two patterns alike. Even the triangular vessels itsef were individually made by hand. Truly a collector's item. Azatri made just a few dozens of these and they were not sold commercially...they were mostly given as gifts to intimate friends and close family members. Designed by Ricky.
don't leave the islands without it...leaf
terra cotta vases
Terra Cotta Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta Terra Cotta
papier mache vases


















These recycled vases were made from old newspaper pulp built up around recycled plastic water bottle containers. They are hand-painted and decorated with terra cotta beads. Because of its plastic shell, these containers were waterproof from the inside and water resistant from the outside, the water-based paint and topcoat preserve this recycled work of art . Production discontinued for the moment. Designed by Ricky.  
Papier mache Papier Mache